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Hello dear guests in Sofia, Bulgaria.
We are small team, which have an idea to share more information to anyone who is visiting Sofia, Bulgaria. In our site you will be able to find all kind of interesting information for your visit in Sofia, Bulgaria and try to enjoy our town. Please read the general information which can help your trip to Sofia, Bulgaria to be more comfortable.

Transportation in Sofia, Bulgaria

Dear Sofia guest, most of you will come in Sofia, Bulgaria by plane on Terminal 2 of Sofia Airport. So you will be able to easly use a Metro and we are highly recomend it. The trains and the stations are quite new and clean.
The metro station is very close to the exit of the airport and you will be able to see it looking for the following sign: Sofia metro logo
The ticket will cost you a 1.60 leva or around 0.80 euro and it's a valid for around 30 minutes after you buy it. So be sure to enter the metro, right after buying it.
You will find the center of Sofia at metro station "Serdika".
If you arrive at Terminal 1, which is not so common, you have to catch a special inter-terminal transfer bus line. They operate daily at 15-minute intervals from 05:00 a.m. until 11:00 p. m. Transportation is free of charge. The inter terminal transfer buses stops in front of both terminals and they are marked with signs.

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Where to exchange money in Sofia, Bulgaria

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